Christina Applegate's 13-Year-Old Daughter Sadie Reveals Her Own Health Diagnosis

While Christina Applegate's multiple sclerosis diagnosis is commonly known now and the actress openly discusses her struggles, her daughter Sadie recently received a different diagnosis that has led the mother-daughter duo to better relate to each other.

The 13-year-old made a guest appearance on her mother's podcast with Jamie-Lynn Sigler, MeSsy, and shared that she was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, also known as POTS.

This is a blood circulation disorder that causes your heart to beat faster as you move from sitting or lying down to standing up, according to John Hopkins Medicine. As a result, many people with the syndrome experience symptoms like lightheadedness and fainting, tremors, and nausea, among other things.

In the new podcast episode, Sadie noted that her diagnosis helped her better understand what Applegate is going through: "When my mom's like, 'Oh, I'm kind of in pain right now. Oh, like, I'm having tremors.' If I didn't have this, I probably would be like, 'I don't really care. I don't know what you're talking about.'"

"It's definitely a lot easier to understand what she's going through when I have something I'm going through as well," Sadie added.

But the teenager also opened up about how her life with Applegate has changed since her mom developed MS, with Sadie earnestly sharing, "When she got diagnosed, it kind of just felt like, not like everything was over, but it was hard seeing my mom lose a lot of the abilities she used to have in my childhood," citing dancing for long periods of time as an example.

Applegate was diagnosed with the disease in June 2021, sharing the news with the world later that year. At the time, Sadie was 10 years old.

Since then, the Dead To Me actress has often spoken about how Sadie is her support system as she deals with the struggles of her health. The 13-year-old admitted in the new MeSsy episode that it can be "hard, but it's also been nice being able to help her and support her."

Sadie is Applegate's only child with her husband, Martyn LeNoble, whom she married in 2013.

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