Chris Martin spotting Coldplay hat 'mind-blowing'

Man with massive pyramid stage hat on his head at Glastonbury
Alex Maguire and his hat appeared on screen during Coldplay's headline performance at Glastonbury 2024 [BBC]

A man who had his hat mentioned by Coldplay singer Chris Martin at Glastonbury Festival said it was a "mind-blowing" experience.

Alex Maguire, from Taunton, has made a Pyramid Stage headliner-themed hat for the past five years.

This year's design was full of Coldplay branding including LED lights and wristbands from previous performances.

He told BBC Radio Somerset: "I’ve been making this design for about a year now and just adding bits and bobs to it every day."

Massive pyramid hat with Coldplay written all over it
The hat is full of Coldplay and Glastonbury merchandise that Mr Maguire has collected [BBC]

During Coldplay's performance at Worthy Farm, Martin picked out people in the crowd.

Mr Maguire was stood at the front of the stage.

He said he was there "for hours" to secure the best place to watch the performance.

Martin then went on to sing a rhyme about Mr Maguire having "a pyramid on his head" during his 22 song set.

Lights and old picture of Coldplay
Mr Maguire added LED lights and Coldplay merchandise to his hat [BBC]

Mr Maguire said he "couldn't believe" it.

"It actually got knocked off my head during the performance so I’ve made some adjustments with the superglue I had in my tent.

"I work in a supermarket so I’m a pretty quiet person but Glastonbury is an opportunity to be expressive and that’s what it’s about."

He's already added several new wristbands from this year's Glastonbury to the design at the site [BBC]

Mr Maguire said he already "can't wait" to design next year's headliner hat.

He said: "As soon as the line-up is announced, I start designing it.

"I love making the new theme every year, and using all my Coldplay merchandise was so much fun."

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