Chris Evans dance-raps while dressed as life-size drug dispenser in 'Pain Hustlers' teaser

Pain Hustlers

Captain America who? Chris Evans is donning a suit of a very different kind — that of an oral painkiller dispenser — in the upcoming movie Pain Hustlers

In the new teaser trailer (below) for the Netflix drama, we get a sneak peek at Evans' Pete Brenner, a sales exec for Zanna Pharmaceuticals, performing a dance-and-rap hype number for a crowd of employees, including Emily Blunt's Liza Drake.

The teaser offers a glimpse into the greed of Zanna's hungry sales team and execs as doctors started to prescribe the company's painkiller to more and more cancer patients. Blinded by the money, their morals also started to take a back seat in the process.

Speaking with EW for an inside look at the movie ahead of its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival this week, director David Yates says Evans "found layers and levels in [the character's journey] that were quite fun" — including that dance-and-rap scene, which is directly inspired by real pharma sales conventions. In this case, Evans was learning the song right before he filmed it.

"We had a few iterations of the song and he should have had three weeks or two weeks to prepare for it. And every day I would say, 'Chris, the song's not ready.' And he'd go, 'No problem. It's totally fine,'" Yates explains to EW. "He was literally learning the lines off-stage before he came on for that one because we dropped them on him so late, but he was so grown up about it and so kind of unfazed by that. Someone else — another actor, another movie star — could have just said, 'Look, let's shoot her next week,' or, 'I'm not doing this, I need some time to prep it.' He was really pragmatic and collaborative and helpful, and he just went on stage and did it."

Pain Hustlers
Pain Hustlers

Brian Douglas/Netflix Andy Garcia and Chris Evans in 'Pain Hustlers'

You can see the full results of Evans' rapping skills when Pain Hustlers opens in select theaters on Oct. 20 and hits Netflix on Oct. 27.

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