Chris Canning Joins Beta Racing For Upcoming Season

Beta USA has officially signed motocross talent Chris Canning as a support team rider. This strategic move, aimed at strengthening their presence in the J-Day Series and select Outdoor MX Nationals Races, marks a significant step for Beta Racing in the competitive motocross arena.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Signing: Beta USA has signed Chris Canning, a rider with 11 years of professional experience and a commendable track record. This addition is seen as a strategic step to enhance Beta Racing's competitiveness in the J-Day Series and select Outdoor MX Nationals Races.

  • Impressive Credentials: Canning, who has been riding since the age of three, achieved a notable seventh-place finish at this year's Southwick Outdoor National. His long-standing experience and recent achievements highlight his potential value to the Beta team.

  • Optimistic Outlook: Carlen Gardner, Race Team Manager for Beta, expressed excitement about having Canning on board, citing his solid performance in the 2023 season. Canning himself shared his enthusiasm about joining Beta, recognizing the brand's prestige and expressing eagerness for the upcoming races.

Beta USA has recently made a pivotal move in the motocross world by signing Chris Canning as a support team rider. Canning, who started riding at the tender age of three and has been in the professional circuit for over a decade, brings a wealth of experience and skill to the Beta Racing team.

This year, Canning's talent was on full display at the Southwick Outdoor National, where he secured an impressive seventh-place finish. His performance there is just a glimpse of the potential he brings to the Beta Racing team in upcoming competitions.

Carlen Gardner, the Race Team Manager for Beta, expressed his enthusiasm about this new addition to the team. In his words:

"We are very excited to have Chris Canning join the Beta team. Chris has had a very solid 2023 season in JDAY Off-Road and we look forward to replicating that in 2024 alongside him."

Chris Canning, hailing from Southwick, Massachusetts, will be racing on the Factory 300 RX. His excitement about joining Beta is palpable.

"Super excited to be racing for Beta this season, to be part of such a prestigious brand is an honor and I can't wait to get to the races!" he remarked.