Choreographer to the stars hoping to help solve London’s obesity crisis

Paulette Minott  ( )
Paulette Minott ( )

A choreographer and dance fitness instructor who has worked with Rihanna and Victoria Beckham is to offer free classes in Regent’s Park in an attempt to tackle London’s obesity crisis.

Paulette Minott will be running free Cardio Dance Fit Method classes in Regent’s Park, with the first event on September 6.

A government report published earlier this year showed that 38% of Londoners are overweight and that 26% of adults are obese.

At present, the UK obesity crisis costs the NHS £6.5 billion annually, according to the Department of Health and Social Care.

Ms Minott said: “The UK’s obesity crisis is now the biggest health problem for the UK and it’s often the poorest in society that are suffering most from this. They can’t afford to have gym memberships and personal trainers.”

The instructor, from Docklands, has worked with a host of celebrities including Mariah Carey. Currently, she hopes to assist and train with anyone in London who feels that they might benefit from her classes, including children.

“Absolutely anyone can attend no matter what fitness level, ability or age. You don’t need to be able to dance at all, everyone will be able to do this class.”

“There is no equipment required for my Cardio DanceFit Method class and no special sportswear either, so there’s no excuse. If lots of people turn up, I’ll look to hold a regular weekly free session in London and then possibly take them to others UK cities as well,” she added.

With over 15 years of experience, she is determined to continue helping people to enjoy themselves and feel positively about steps taken to achieve a healthier lifestyle, something which she believes has in late years been plagued by sedentary behaviour.

She has promised the first two free classes will be available to people who turn up at 6pm on Wednesday, September 6 at Regents Park Running Track, on the Outer Circle, near to London Zoo.