Aussie dad's chocolate bar rankings cause a firestorm online

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A man's rankings of 16 chocolate bars. Photo: Instagram/brunobbouchet

An Aussie dad has caused a firestorm online after ‘definitively’ ranking chocolate bars from the ‘God Tier’ to the ‘Vomit Tier’.

Bruno Bouchet, a former Kyle & Jackie O radio show producer, took to Instagram this week to share his favourite chocolate treats - ranking 16 different bars from top to bottom.

“The 100% correct chocolate bar power rankings. Don’t bother commenting, this isn’t up for discussion,” he captioned the divisive image.

Yet despite his conviction - the image was definitely up for discussion.

A ‘definitive’ ranking of chocolate bars

Bruno’s list had Picnic, Turkish Delight and Chomp placed in the ‘God Tier’, followed by Snickers, Twix, and Curly Wurly in the second ‘Royalty Tier’.

Next up came the Adam Sandler Tier (or “Take it or leave it”) which featured, Kit Kat, Crunchie (seriously?), and Mars Bars.

The ‘Pleb Tier’ featured Twirl, Time Out, and Aero. But it was Violet Crumble, Milky Way, Chokito, and Bounty that brought up the rear in the “would rather eat a bucket of cat vomit tier”.

This was the general reaction from a host of people online, with the post quickly going viral around the world.

Hilarious reactions to chocolate bar rankings

Many were offended by the exclusion of Cherry Ripes and Flakes, while some were also very passionate about the high ranking of the Turkish Delight.

These are just some of the best reactions online.

“Try again,” one person simply said.

“Where TF are Flakes they are like the royalty version of Twirls?” another asked.

“Bounty goes above a Twirl. That’s just for a start!!” was another passionate response.

A fourth made their own edits: “You’ve misplaced the Milky Way & Turkish Delight bro. Turkish Delight - more like Turkish disgusting. That chocolate is an abomination!”

While some agreed with a few of his rankings, but not others.

“All of the great work you’ve done with the mighty Picnic has been soiled by that disgusting mess next to it, which I refuse to name,” was one comment.

“What have you done????????? Kit Kats are God Tier,” another person wrote.

Trolling his wife

Celebrities also shared their dismay - Today host Ben Fordham posted he would be discussing this at length on the breakfast show. Imogen Anthony was not impressed by Milky Way's rock-bottom ranking, and Aussie entertainer Todd McKenney also slammed the placings of Violet Crumble and Turkish Delight.

And the reason behind the elaborate chocolate rankings system in the first place - it was all because he was trolling his wife.

"I'm in a happy marriage, but the one thing that's always divided us and resulted in me sleeping on the couch was our disagreement on chocolate bars," Bouchet told 9Honey.

"My wife Laura's into the tasteless ones like Aero and Milky Way bars. I've got a much more developed pallet so I'm into the exquisite taste journey of a Turkish Delight and a Chomp.”

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