Star's breast-heavy Halloween costume turns heads

Penny Burfitt
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We all know that for many, Halloween is synonymous with revealing costumes, but one beauty star has taken it to the next level with a costume featuring more boob than we thought possible.

Literally - Chloe Morello has stepped out with a hilarious costume featuring not two, but three breasts on full display to the delight of her impressive online following.

The hilarious costume reimagines sexy Halloween, with a circus outfit cut so low that three fake breasts are on full display.

The vlogger let it all hang out in a cheeky post, but later covered up with strategic black tape.

The shocking look has confused Instagrams no nipple policy, but Chloe covered up just in case. Photo: Instagram/chloemorello

The arduous process of going one boob beyond was shared to her story and may have set a new record for prep time, even considering the famous makeup artist’s typical daily routine.

Videos show the star having the prosthetic piece fitted to her chest with glue, and then faded into her skin with a spray tan gun.

Apparently it took a lot of effort to look that... creepy? photo: Instagram/chloemorello

With a frilly corset number leaving the breasts exposed, all that was left to do was to dance like nobody was watching, although with over one million followers on Instagram alone, and 150,000 likes people definitely were.

Fans horrified but left in stitches

Fans were quick to comment on the video, sharing their reactions to the strange look.

“THIS IS SO SO SO SO GOOD!! You win!!!!!” Flex Mami, an Aussie media personality and Build Series Sydney host wrote.

“I cannot,” another person wrote.

“This is truly terrifying lol,” a scared, but amused follower shared.

“ICONIC,” another dubbed the look.

It remains to be seen if prothetic boobs of the third kind will remain permitted by the notoriously anti-nipple Instagram, but having remained live for one hour it looks like Chloe is breaking new ground in more sense than one.

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