Chilling moment ghost throws stroller down stairs

So frightening!

Ghost hunters claim to have chilling footage of the moment a poltergeist chucked a stroller down some stairs in a haunted house.

Steve Archibald and his wife Carrie persuaded a group of paranormal enthusiasts to spend the night at their haunted residence and this footage shows what appears to be paranormal activity.

After the incident, some of the team were so scared they refused to spend the night and fled to a nearby hotel.

The pushchair at the top of the stairs. Source: Supplied
The pushchair at the top of the stairs. Source: Supplied

"At first we didn't know what had happened as we were in complete darkness when we heard the noise,” said Steve, founder of Pitch Black Investigations.

"I came around the corner and saw the buggy on the stairs and couldn't believe it. Then we all re-watched the footage. No one could believe it. I know 100% it couldn't have rolled. It had been there for eight hours. It doesn't budge or move on its own.

"People will say that it rolled as for every believer there's a sceptic. If they don't want to believe then you can't convince them. But I 100% believe something moved it. There was definitely no-one up there. Everyone was with us as we were finishing off the night at that point."

The house in West York is said to be the site of one of Britain’s most spooky households, and the so-called ‘Black Monk of Pontefract’ is believed to be haunting it.

The stairs are believed to be haunted. Source: YouTube
The stairs are believed to be haunted. Source: YouTube

And bizarrely, the stairs area is notorious for paranormal activity. In 1974, it was reported that 14-year-old Diane Pritchard was violently dragged down by the hair by an unknown being, inspiring 2012 supernatural horror film When the Lights Went Out.

At that time, Diane’s parents Joe and Jean say they witnessed other strange events, such as puddles on the kitchen floor and mysterious white powder that could be falling from mid-air, as well as the swaying of a heavy chest of drawers.

"There is lots of poltergeist activity there [the stairs]. I have seen marbles thrown through closed doors in the house before. I don't think most of [the activity] is threatening but on the stairs it does feel threatening," Steve added.

A reflection of the 'Black Monk'. Source: Supplied
A reflection of the 'Black Monk'. Source: Supplied

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"It could be something playing games with us. A bit of me thinks it is childish. It felt like it wants to play. But it could be the Black Monk. I hope it is the Black Monk so that it confirms and shows there's evidence of an afterlife.

"And it vindicates everything that the Pritchards said happened. It's very intense what they said [they saw] and it would vindicate what they said. I hope it is [the Black Monk], for the clarification. If I had seen it with my own eyes I would have been scared but on CCTV it was OK."

A series of exorcisms have been performed on the house, but it seems none have stopped the spooky behaviour.

Paranormal investigator Tom Cuniff spent many years researching the strange case, and discovered that there had been a Cluniac monk who’d been hung after having been convicted of raping and murdering a young girl.

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