A child is drowning, would you have seen them in time?

During summer, all your kids want to do is head to the beach or the pool to cool off, but safety – as well as fun – is often at the top of parents’ minds.

In a video recently posted to the Lifeguard Rescue YouTube channel, one lifeguard was forced to think quickly after a child slipped out of their rubber ring floatie while swimming in a public wave pool.

The terrifying moment is difficult to spot in the crowded pool.

A child is drowning, would you have seen them in time? Source: YouTube / Lifeguard Rescue

The child is seen slowly loosing grip of their blue-coloured rubber ring, before flailing around in the water gasping for help.

Fortunately the lifeguard’s quick reactions meant they got to the youngster quickly.

The child lost grip of the rubber ring. Source: YouTube / Lifeguard Rescue

People commenting on the video were quick to praise the lifeguard for their quick thinking.

“Damn, they know it’s about to happen before it even looks like its gonna happen,” one said.

“These kind of people are true heroes, this world needs more people like this,” another wrote.

Last year in Australia there were 291 deaths via drowning, according to a  Royal Life Saving report.

To aid in the prevention of death via drowning in children,  Kids Health NSW have some published guidelines to help:

  • There should always be an adult within arms reach of the child in water.
  • Making sure children are familiarised with water and swimming skills.
  • If you have a pool, make sure there is a barrier which is correctly used.
  • If all else fails, make sure you know CPR.

For more information visit their website.

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