Cher asks fans when she might feel her age as singer turns 77

Cher performing in Las Vegas  (Getty Images)
Cher performing in Las Vegas (Getty Images)

Cher has said she doesn’t feel her age as the singer celebrated her 77th birthday.

The pop superstar, who turned 77 on May 20, took to Twitter to thank her fans for their birthday well-wishes.

And speaking about getting older, Cher said she keeps “hearing these numbers, but I honestly can’t understand them”.

She tweeted: “OK, will someone PLEASE tell me… when I will feel old? This is ridiculous.

“What’s the deal with numbers? I’m dyslexic and numbers are hard for me.”

Earlier this month, the Believe singer called time on her relationship with Alexander “A.E.” Edwards – who is half her age.

The music producer, 36, and Cher were first linked in November 2022 when they were spotted looking cosy together on a date in West Hollywood.

Days later, Cher confirmed the romance on social media and addressed the 40-year age gap head on.

Acknowledging that it might seem “kind of ridiculous” to some, she insisted it worked in “real life” because of how well she and Edwards got along, noting that older men don’t seem that interested in her.

She also praised him as “very kind,” adding: “He’s very smart. He’s very talented and he’s really funny, and I think he’s quite handsome.”

Cher with ex, Alexander Edwards (AFP via Getty Images)
Cher with ex, Alexander Edwards (AFP via Getty Images)

In March before the split, Cher revealed that she and Edwards – who previously dated Amber Rose for three years – were working on not one, but two albums together and gushed to E! about how “excited” she was.

She said: “I’m going to England to make two albums. Some of the songs Alexander gave me, so I’m pretty excited about that.

“He’s a producer and a writer and he does everything, so I’m happy about that. I think like any artist when you’ve got something good, you’re excited.”