Chelsie drops cheating hint in explosive comment

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Former contestants are coming out of the woodworks adding to an already bubbling pot of rumours. Photo: Ten

An Instagram comment from Bachelor winner Chelsie McLeod has surprised fans but sparking a flurry of speculation around the real reason behind the pair’s shock split last week.

A post by Chelsie’s close friend Jessica Brody, who was voted out on the first episode of this season, seems to indicate Chelsie wasn’t the only woman in Matt’s life after the cameras stopped rolling.

The pair announced their split earlier this month in what was initially portrayed as an amicable break-up, but the latest comments by Chelsie online seem to suggest otherwise.

A very spicy Instagram post

The unconfirmed rumour was spawned by two snaps Jessica uploaded of herself holding a rose on Saturday.

In the caption, she wrote, “Me vs. Me when he tells me I’m the only girl he’s talking to,” with the second photo showing a reaction of hilarity to the concept.

Astonishingly, Chelsie took to the comments in an uncharacteristically unguarded moment.

“Triggered is an understatement tbf (to be frank),” she wrote, seeming to indicate she relates to the idea that a partner would be seeing other girls. It is a bold move from this season’s ‘winner’, and has further stirred the already bubbling pot of speculation around the sudden split.

Chelsie and Matt's 'amicable' split is crumbling faster than a cookie in a blender. Photo: Ten

Timeline doubt

Adding further fuel to the fire was another former contestant Rachael Arahill, who jumped in to shed some light on the potential timeline of the breakup.

“Bahaha when u can finally say triggered as well,” Rachel commented on the same post, indicating that Matt and Chelsie’s breakup had happened far earlier than their announcement suggested.

Comments from the Bachie ladies are raising some hot questions from fans. Photo: Instagram/jessica_brody

“These past six months since filming have been a very unique experience,” Matt wrote in his official statement on the split.

Chelsie had last shared a snap with her boyfriend in early October, though the astrophysicist did upload a selfie of the pair at the beginning of November.

The suggestion that something more than a natural breakdown could have been behind the formerly loved-up couple’s split comes on the heels of rumours that Matt never even wanted to pick a winner.

Forced to pick a winner

A source told New Idea Matt wanted to pull a Honey Badger and opt-out of picking a woman at the finale, but the contract he signed with the network locked him into choosing a winner, and producers made him hold off until The Bachelorette finale went to air before walking away.

“He wanted to choose no one, but obviously it was in his contract that he had to choose someone, so producers pushed him to pick Chelsie because she was the safe bet,” the source claimed, adding he couldn’t break it off until Angie Kent’s season was done for fear of ratings being affected.

Chelsie has also uploaded a number of cryptic posts of late, not least a snap of her fellow contestants captioned, “take the good with the bad”.

Both Matt and Chelsie have been contacted for comment, though neither has responded.

So far the only thing to come from Matt has been his initial post announcing the split.

“It’s no one’s fault, it’s just life,” he wrote.

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