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Cheese the day: A rarely discounted 'Shark Tank' pizza container is down to $25

Keep your leftovers fresh and banish those space-hogging boxes: 'It's a fridge lifesaver.'

If you order pizza and end up with leftovers, it's tempting to just toss the box in the fridge. Alas, that's a surefire way to end up with a dry, crusty slice the next day. The cardboard absorbs moisture instead of sealing it in — not to mention, those pizza boxes don't fit inside every fridge. There's a better way to store your leftover 'za that's more compact and keeps it fresher for longer: The Perfect Pizza Pack.

You may have seen this nifty container on Shark Tank or listed at Amazon as one of its top-selling food containers. Shoppers seem to love it almost as much as pizza itself, and it's on sale right now for $25.

This little helper is made with microwave-safe silicone, so it's easy to store and reheat leftovers all from a single container. 

$25 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal? 💰

This compact pizza container is usually $30, but you can save $5 when you buy from Amazon. It doesn't go on sale often — the last time it did was over the holiday season — so there's no telling when it will be marked down again. Plus, it keeps your pizza fresh for longer, saving you from tossing it and wasting any money you spent on your pie.

Why do I need this? 🤔

The Perfect Pizza Pack is a silicone container that stacks slices vertically to save room in the fridge while keeping them sealed up tight. In between each slice is a divider tray that keeps them from sticking together, even if you decide to reheat the entire stack at once. On their own, the five trays double as microwaveable pizza plates for reheating one slice at a time. When you're not using it, the container collapses to take up minimal space in your cabinets.

You may have seen The Perfect Pizza Pack on Shark Tank in 2022. Founder Tate Koenig made his second appearance on the show (he presented his Cheese Chopper in 2021) and persuaded Lori Greiner to invest. "Sharks, crust me. It's time to cheese the day. We are just preheating the oven on this legend-dairy product that is literally history in the baking," he said in his pitch. "But we need your dough." No wonder he got an investment!

the perfect pizza pack pizza container holding a slice of pizza
Highlighting this nifty pizza container? It's the yeast we could do. (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

Over 3,000 Amazon customers give this convenient container a five-star rating.

Pros 👍

"The problem with pizza Friday was that I always had to clean out the fridge and find room for two pizza boxes. But not with this — now I can fit almost a whole takeout pizza in this thing," shared one impressed reviewer. "It's a fridge lifesaver."

"This beats the socks off of a paper plate and plastic bag," shared another. "Keeps slices separate, plus being able to put the entire thing in the microwave at once is clutch."

"I thought this was a silly gadget until I started using it!" admitted another happy customer. "We eat pizza every week. We always have leftovers. In the past, the leftovers took up too much space in our refrigerator. We got this and now, we save space in our fridge, keep our pizza very fresh and have very little and easy clean up. An excellent product."

"This thing rocks!" said another. "Not only does it store a large amount of pizza, keeping it fresh, it also packs away flat when done. Our local place does square pieces and it even fits those."

Cons 👎

The container's collapsible design might be a wee bit too collapsible, some say.

"No more paper plates in between slices or wax paper," said one shopper, before adding that their "only con is when you press down, even when filled, hold the bottom before snapping — it has a tendency to collapse down. Really so minor."

This customer agreed: "When you go press the lid down to engage the locking tabs, the storage unit wants to collapse. Makes it awkward when you have pizza inside. Still a great product and will continue to use it."

This container can hold up to six slices (or more, depending on the size of your pie).

$25 at Amazon

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