Carnage at annual cheese rolling comp

Kristine Tarbert
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It’s the death-defying event that attracts thousands of competitors every year and provides possibly the best carnage videos ever.

The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling competition in Gloucestershire sees people throw themselves down a steep hill in the hope of beating a wheel of cheese.

Yes that’s a thing and if you’ve never heard of it or seen it before the above video will pretty much tell you everything you need to know.

Thousands threw themselves down the hill for cheese. Photo: Reddit

People line up at the top of the hill, the wheel of cheese is released and down they sprint, or roll, or stumble, often resulting in some pretty severe injuries in the process.

Broken ankles, dislocated shoulders, and head injuries are nothing out of the ordinary during this old local tradition.

And at the bottom of the hill, the local rugby team stands ready to catch the ‘flying’ competitors.

The warnings are clear. Photo: Reddit

Chris Anderson, 30, managed to beat the cheese down, winning the first men’s downhill race in 2018 and now holds the new record.

The carnage video has been shared far and wide online drawing a host of reactions.

“For those new to this and wondering what is going on. It’s like the Hunger Games. But there is only cheese,” one person wrote on Reddit.

“Actually surprised they still allow it to happen,” said another.

The injuries are plenty. Photo: Reddit

Some even tried to suggest other ways to win.

“I wonder is anyone tried to curl up in a ball and Sonic their way down,” one commenter suggested.

“Are you allowed to bring your own tire to ride in,” another asked.

Our heads hurt just watching the clip.

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