Check out these tricks for accessorizing and styling your hair

Styling your hair is made easy! These three home hacks show you new ways to get cute looks out of your hair with minimal effort. From overnight curls to DIY hair accessories, these tips will have your hair looking its best and save you time when getting ready each morning.

Hair Styling Hack 1: Create heatless curls with a robe belt

Tired of burning yourself with a curling iron? Skip the heat next time, and use the belt from your bathrobe. Before bed, wrap your hair to its ends around the belt of a robe into a French braid. Secure it with a hair tie, then wrap your braids around your head and tie them together using the robe belt. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll have beautiful curls.

Hair Styling Hack 2: Decorate your bobby pins

You don’t need to waste your cash on pricey hair clips that always break. Just make decorated pins yourself. First, paint your plain bobby pin with nail polish. Then use a hot glue gun to attach decorative pearls, gems or bows to the end. It will look just as cute as anything you can shop in stores.

Hair Styling Hack 3: Jazz up your hairstyle with a ribbon

Having a cute ’do doesn’t always require hours of standing in front of a mirror. Using a pretty ribbon, you can jazz up your look in two easy steps. Simply tie it around your ponytail then braid your ponytail around the ribbon and tie it into a bow at the end.

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