Cheating girlfriend's embarrassing tell-all text

Aussie author Zoe Foster Blake this week recounted the time she found “disgusting texts to another girl in my then-boyfriend’s phone”.

They were on holidays at the time, and unfortunately for her, there were no flights home for a number of days so made him sleep outside in the meantime.

Sadly, Zoe isn’t the only person to have caught their partner cheating thanks to inappropriate texts, and this woman found she had a lot of explaining to do when she sent an explicit message to the wrong person.

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

She was planning to have an x-rated rendezvous with a guy behind her partner of two years’ back, and sent a message complaining about the troubles of keeping her affair a secret. Only she accidentally sent the message to her boyfriend…

As you can imagine, things didn’t go down all so well from there – especially because she mentioned she had just “waxed my entire f***king body to f**k this dude”.

Her unimpressed (now ex) boyfriend Jordan, promptly shared the text to Twitter where he said, “When you accidentally tell your boyfriend you’re cheating on him”.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

It’s since been liked close to 300k times and retweeted 60k times, and seems to have made it back to the other man, as Jordan later wrote, “now her new man wants to fight me, come on bro this is a never ending joke.”

He also lamented that he’s been working 60 hour weeks to save up enough money for a couple’s holiday to Florida, and that when he confronted her about the cheating “she said it was a dream she had and she meant to send it to a friend.”

We feel for you, mate.

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