'Breaking news': TV reporter's wardrobe malfunction moments before going live

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

An Australian newsreader received one of the worst pieces of breaking news a TV reporter can get right before a live cross on Wednesday – her pants had split.

Charlotte Goodlet was the victim of an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction while presenting on 10 News First, later sharing a snap of the situation.

Charlotte Goodlet took to Instagram to share her hilarious wardrobe malfunction that happened just before she went live. Photo: Instagram/Charlotte Goodlet

The photo shows the large hole in her pants with the presenter covering herself up with a monkey emoji.

"Moments before a live cross... I had some 'breaking' news of my own... no one can accuse me of shying away from 'cracking' yarns," Charlotte wrote.

Followers began joking about the situation, with one user writing, "Always gets to the bottom of the story."

Someone else wrote, "Ripping cross [though]," while another commented, "Butt you did such a good job."

Another reminded the reporter that it wasn't the first time it had happened, "Oh my gosh!!! And I remember clearly this is NOT the first time this has happened."

To which she responded, "Oh my God. I had forgotten about that. Might be time for me to go up a size."

Charlotte is married to former Sydney Swans star Kieren Jack. The pair tied the knot in 2018 with Kieren’s parents not being invited.

Following the wedding, Kieren’s parents, NRL legend Garry Jack and Donna Jack, told Yahoo Lifestyle they were disappointed they weren’t there.

“We would like to wish Kieren and Charlotte all the best on their wedding,” they said in a statement.

“It is unfortunate and disappointing that we were not in attendance of our son’s wedding, but sadly we didn’t make the invite list. Nonetheless, we wish them both well”.

Kieren and Charlotte’s feud with his parents was made public back in July 2016.

It's believed Garry and Donna thought Charlotte was with Kieren for his money, however, the AFL star set the record straight telling reporters at a press conference, “My priorities of support are firmly with my partner and my little brother who I love and care for very much.”

“It’s been tough on her. She doesn’t deserve the treatment she has received. She is strong… she is an independent woman,” he added.

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