Charlie Sheen says he can 'relate' to Roseanne Barr

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Charlie Sheen has revealed he can ‘relate’ to how fellow sitcom-star Roseanne Barr is feeling, after a recent angry outburst by her made headlines around the world.

In an in-depth chat on the Kyle & Jackie O Show, the Two and a Half Men and Anger Management star gave his take on Roseanne’s interview which saw her chain-smoking and screaming at a producer.

“What I hear in her voice – try not to focus on the words – I hear the emotion, the frustration and pain, there is sadness,” Charlie told KIIS1065.

“But I can related to that tone of absolute despair, because it’s not just about herself, it’s about all the people that she knows that she affected as well. That’s my take on it.”

Charlie Sheen spoke on radio about his new show coming to Australia. Photo: Getty

Charlie revealed he would now also take back a dismissive tweet he sent to Roseanne in which he said ‘Roseanne, good riddance’, right when the reboot of her show got pulled.

“Whatever happened, she has been nothing but nice to me in the past. So that part I would delete,” he admitted.

“The thing that is sad, is when someone does melt [down] everything good they have ever done that has entertained millions of people is forgotten.

“I’m not saying that you should be forgiven for the stuff that she did, or stuff I did. A great body of work doesn’t give you a free pass.”

Roseanne Barr had an angry outburst in a recent interview. Photo: Youtube

Charlie, who spoke on radio about coming to Australia for a new show, seemed very much a changed man, especially given his own outburst towards Chuck Lorre the last time he was on the show.

“I take responsibility for all that and I was really stupid and juvenile,” he told the hosts.

“I don’t like the energy I created and I am here to own it and fix it.”

Charlie said he could ‘relate’ to the sadness in Roseanne’s voice. Photo: Getty

The actor has turned a new leaf in terms of his fitness routine, and says he is eating healthy, has “put the bottle down” and even plans to quit smoking.

When asked about his meltdowns, Charlie revealed he believed it was attributed to“good old fashioned ‘roid rage” from using too much testosterone cream despite everyone thinking he was really drunk and really high”.

He also revealed he was “very excited” about another new show which is almost in pre-production.

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