Chappell Roan says other pop girls have reached out to offer 'support' amid her 'cuckoo' rise to fame

"It's so sick to know that the girls have really — they're really supporting each other in the pop industry."

Chappell Roan wants fans to know that she’s getting by with a little help from her fellow pop girlies.

On Friday, the burgeoning pop star shared that in the wake of her whirlwind success, her peers in the music industry have reached out to offer comfort and advice.

"I'm reflecting on my life and the past couple of weeks have been like cuckoo,” Roan said in the TikTok video. "But what's so reassuring and so f---ing sick is like, the pop girls that you and I have loved our whole lives or like, have been f---ing stans the past two or three years… A lot of them have reached out and are like, so supportive and girl's girls.”

<p>Astrida Valigorsky/Getty </p> Chappell Roan

Astrida Valigorsky/Getty

Chappell Roan

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She added, “It's so sick to know that the girls have really — they're really supporting each other in the pop industry.” Getting emotional, Roan continued, "To have people I look up to reach out and offer like a friend or help, I don't know, it's just sick and it makes me believe in like the world."

The “HOT TO GO!” singer’s update comes weeks after her onstage confession that her skyrocketing success has become somewhat overwhelming. Earlier this month, Roan told the crowd of her Raleigh, North Carolina concert that she was feeling “a little off” due to her career “going really fast.”

"It's really hard to keep up,” the 26-year-old added. “I'm just being honest that I'm just having a hard time today. I'm not trying to give you a lesser show, it's just, there's a lot. Thank you for understanding. This is all I've ever wanted. It's just heavy sometimes."

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Though Roan has been working in the music industry for several years, her profile recently exploded into a new stratosphere following the release of her first studio album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, last September. Her standalone song "Good Luck, Babe!" has steadily climbed the Billboard Hot 100 chart since its April release, and her performance on NPR's Tiny Desk has become a viral hit. The singer also served as an opening act on Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS tour, and has recently continued her success with various appearances on late night.

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While Roan did not name those in the pop industry who have reached out to offer their support, many artists have publicly made their admiration for the singer very clear. Lady Gaga recently gave Roan her stamp of approval, commenting, “I love Chappell," under a video of the singer covering “Bad Romance.” Fellow breakout Sabrina Carpenter recently told Rolling Stone that she listens to Roan "all the time” and specifically has “Good Luck, Babe!” on “loopty loop.” Roan also has a fan in SZA, who called her “incredible” on Instagram.

Roan herself frequently jokes that she is "your favorite artist's favorite artist,” a play on a quote from drag queen Sasha Colby.

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