Chaos ensues following Big W's virtual toy sale fail

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Big W's annual toy sale has been slammed as parents reveal they've received emails saying their orders were partially or completely cancelled.

The sale, which kicked off at midnight, saw parents stay up late online in an attempt to nab a bargain, but some were left with four hour wait times just to check out and very little to show for their efforts.

Big W has been slammed by customers who were unable to get through to the retailer's website during their toy sale. Photo: AAP

Many Big W customers took to the Big W Mums Australia Facebook group to share their disappointment in the online system.

One user wrote, "If [you're] waiting for a confirmation email you can log into your account and check order status, I have a few cancelled I didn’t even know about yet."

Another added, "Just got a email from Big W about items not in stock and have refunded the item."

"Ordered last night around 12.30, I really hope it’s not every item."

Some customers were left fuming that their orders were unexpectedly cancelled without being sent an update. Photo: Facebook

Someone else wrote, "I placed a pick up order, check-out and paid at 4am, received order confirmation email at 4.10am, cancellation email at 4.42am … No refund as yet."

Others weren't even able to get onto the website to check their orders, while some were unable to check out at all.

A spokesperson from Big W told Yahoo Lifestyle, "This year for the first time, in response to COVID-19 and the way Australians are shopping, we’ve taken our famed midnight store opening to an online event, giving all families across the country access to Toy Mania.

Some customers were stuck in queues of up to four hours. Photo: Facebook

"At the strike of midnight, thousands of customers jumped online. We anticipated our online launch would attract a large number of savvy parents and introduced the BIG W Waiting Lounge to manage the virtual queue, much like they would experience in store.

"Most shoppers checked out without a hitch but for a small number, there were a few technical glitches online which are being resolved.

"The online only Toy Mania sale continues online and starts in store on 18 June through to 15 July."

Social distancing rules will apply when the sale begins in-store.

Last year, the sale saw hundreds of parents show up at the store at midnight in the hopes of getting a deal with people taking to social media to show the mayhem of it all.

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