Channing Tatum pranks daughter Everly

Rebekah Scanlan

Thanks to chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, parents telling their kids they've eaten their Halloween goodies is now a thing.

This year, Channing Tatum decided to get in on the now infamous gag whilst guest hosting the show and pranked his four-year-old daughter, Everly.

While some kids get angry and others cry, Everly's reaction is as cute as a button and kinda makes us just want to scoop her up.


Channing, who starred in Magic Mike two years ago, has played a mean prank on his daughter Everly. Source: Getty
The doting dad told Everly he'd eaten all her Halloween candy. Source: Jimmy Kimmel

In the video shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Magic Mike star can be seen holding out an empty trick or treat bag much to little Everly's horror.

"After your mummy went out," the former stripper can be heard saying to his daughter. "And... I'm sorry, but I ate your candy."


Distraught Everly clings to her mum Jenna's leg. Source: Jimmy Kimmel

Everly storms away from her famous dad whilst crying, "No," and runs straight to her mum, Jenna Dewan, who is recording the whole moment.

As she clings to Jenna's leg, the tot can be heard sobbing while her parents are trying to stifle their laughter.

Channing and wife Jenna have been married for eight years. Source: Getty

Jimmy Kimmel first began the somewhat mean prank six years ago, when he asked viewers to send their videos in.

It's since gone on to become one of the holiday's best loved traditions.

Jimmy also pulled the same prank on his daughter this year, after starting the gag six years ago. Source: Jimmy Kimmel

Channing's conscience gets the better of him quickly though, with the doting dad revealing it was all a joke to his distraught daughter.

Everly though is far from impressed with it all and decides to put her dad in his place.

Everly is not a fan of her dad's mischief. Source: Jimmy Kimmel

"That's not funny," she says when he emerges with her stolen goodies.

Saaaaa cute.

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