Chace Crawford reveals The Boys scene that was 'gross' to film

'The Boys' cast sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to chat about the new season.

Video transcript

- So first of all, just want to hear from each of you guys about what's in store for us in season three.


- Chaos.

- Chaos for sure. You get to see my character deepening. You get to see some--

- You get a nice shift in characters, like characters that you think wouldn't you do go a certain way definitely go down a kind of road.

- Yeah.

- And that's kind of sad and heartbreaking. But--

- Yeah.

- Intriguing. And we'll see how it turns out. But it's just very interesting, this season.

- Yeah. That's true.

- Who do you think has the most surprising storyline?

- Ooh.

- That's a good question.


- Yeah.

- He has a pretty surprising--


- --a pretty surprising story.

- Yeah.

- Probably, yeah.

- Mhm.

- We all agree on that.

- Yeah.

- Nice.

- So, in my personal opinion, I think The Seven are some of the scariest characters on television ever.

- Thanks.


- They are.

- You saying that scary [INAUDIBLE]. They seem more powerful than like your usual Superman, Batman. Why do you think that is?

- I don't know. Maybe because they've learned to like use their leverage and like kind of bend the world to their will sort of. Whereas like most superheroes are usually following the rules. But these guys are willing to do whatever it takes to stay on top. And I think that's a bit scarier than like Superman.

- Because he's using his power for good.


- Moral expectation that you do the right thing.

- Yeah.

- And not with the plane go down.

- No.


- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- Pretty super powerful with no control. That's insane.

- Yeah.

- With you guy's characters in particular, you have some pretty crazy costumes. And I'm just wondering, is there any part of that that's particularly uncomfortable.

- Yeah.


- For sure. [LAUGHTER]. Yeah, everything from the waist down.

- From the neck down.


- No, it's actually not too bad.

- I mean, it's gotten better. The suits got better from like the first season where the most uncomfortable that they've ever been. And now, it's a little-- we've worked out a lot of kinks. So it's not so bad.

- We don't have it too bad.

- We don't have-- our suits are OK.

- Mine is just like a big wet suit basically. And I got like turtle booties on and so, sweat can whatever. But it's like it-- it is like coming back into it that first time was a little bit-- always a little bit difficult.

- A bit snug?

- Yeah, to tighten up that--


- --vest. You know what I mean?

- Yeah, yeah.

- How long does it take to get ready for--

- Shh-- how long, how much time you got?

- 6.42 seconds-- minutes. It took me like an hour the first time. I got down to like-- you know.

- I'm down to like 12. Yeah, 10, 12 minutes something like that.

- Anthony is like still 30 minutes.

- Yeah.

- 30 minutes with 6 people.

- They look good though. The suits look good.


- Yeah, they look great.

- I've been trying to convince them to incorporate that into the show at some point to show somebody either getting dressed or undressed.

- Right, right.

- Undress-- undressed is almost worst.

- Undressed is worse because the suit is wet and has been molded to your body, so you're like peeling it off. I have to do this thing to fight it off. It's--

- Good news. It's [INAUDIBLE]. Only one we got.

- Yeah, yeah. Seriously.

- Can you guys reveal any sort of like behind the scenes secrets, like how you prepare for your roles, any weird quirks of other cast members or?


- Other cast members?

- I feel like the boys are always playing backgammon, right?

- They're always playing backgammon.

- In their off time off set.

- Keeps them in the zone.

- Yeah.


- They have tournaments, right?

- Have you played?

- I helped Jack train.

- You helped Jack train?

- Like we--


- Jack's just practicing this and Claudia's like beating him. Oh, what are you doing--


- He's running upstairs while doing--


- Not a lot of that quirky stuff. We just completely blew past--

- That seems like a wholesome activity considering the show.

- It's really like peaceful. But like it's offset. If they were, like they're setting up for the next thing, you know, they're relighting it. And everyone's covered in blood and their just like, this one here. This one here. It's just so wholesome and sweet.

- Well, not on the topic of wholesome, your character sends quite a profound message about boundaries and consent and that kind of thing. How was it to feel in those scenes such as like in the first season with the Deep and Starlight? And then later that scene with the gills and you're kind of uncomfortable situation there.

- Yeah, just some lighthearted comedy there. No, no. It was like-- that scene with Starlight in the pilot wasn't in the script initially. So they kind of came to me and they were like listen, we want to do this-- have this moment more for her character that's in the comic books. I can't remember which one-- It was like the very--

- It's in the very beginning.

- The very first one. But they wanted that moment, including like the shot, you know, and all that. And-- but it was great. I mean, Aaron's obviously phenomenal. We rehearsed it a bunch before we did it. And Kripke is just like, play it-- Is real and nuanced as possible. So I mean, for the Deep, this is a guy who's extremely entitled and feels like it's just a rite of passage or just like a normal hazing technique.

You know what I mean, for in his mind. There's no big deal with it. So, it was just sort of that level of White male privilege to asshole. But no, but then the comeuppance was an interesting twist with the gills. That was-- that was just gross to shoot. I mean, that was sort of like--


- Yeah. But it was-- you sort of see that oh, he's like deeply, deeply insecure. You know? So yeah.

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