Céline Dion's 'distorted' new photo shoot leaves her 'head bigger than her body'

Gillian Wolski
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Céline Dion has appeared on the cover of a very edgy high-fashion magazine. Photo: Getty Images.

Céline Dion, 51, has starred in a new cover shoot for an edgy high-fashion magazine that’s left her body “distorted”.

The iconic singer is featured in not one but two special covers for CR Fashion Book's coveted September issue which was shot in Paris by photographer Valentin Herfray.

Out of proportion

In the digitally-edited images the “Heart Will Go On” hit-maker is pictured in a black tutu skirt, black polka dot stockings and sky-high heels.

The mum-of-three is captured from below, making her trim pins seem miles long - and slightly out of proportion with her torso and head - while her feet appear to be very different sizes.

“It was interesting to see myself in this distorted fish-eye [effect], where your head is bigger than your body or your body’s bigger than your head,” she told the magazine.

“One foot is a size twelve and the other is a size four. It’s very artistic,” she added.

In the second shot, the French-Canadian chanteuse is pictured from above while posing in a green frock at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

The fish-eye camera lens has the opposite effect to the first photo, causing Céline’s head and left arm to appear bigger than her body.

Céline the style queen

In the editorial, the Oscar winner went on to explain the catalyst behind her recent style transformation, revealing that she used fashion to cope following the 2016 death of her husband and longtime manager René Angélil.

“I mean, five years ago I would never let [a photographer] near up past my kneecap, you know? Who would go under my tutu? Nobody. I mean, nobody. My husband, that was it. But I was just like, ‘Alright, here we go!'” she said.

Despite her newfound sartorial prowess, Céline rejects suggestions that she’s the “new queen of fashion”.

“I’m not playing queen, I don’t want to be the queen. I’m the boss,” she stated, adding that she’s “in charge” of decision-making within her team.

Dion’s global tour

For Céline, who is currently gearing up for both a global tour and new album, “the best is yet to come”.

“I wouldn’t say no to anything right now,” she said. “There are so many projects, so many people are coming to me, which is very exciting”.

And with at least four magazine covers this year - she’s also graced ELLE US and France, as well as Harper’s Bazaar - here’s hoping we see the indefatigable star on newsagent shelves again soon.

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