Celebs Go Dating: Vanessa Feltz stuns viewers as she walks out of date

The presenter is looking for love on the Channel 4 show

Pictured: Vanessa Feltz - Celebs Go Dating. (Channel 4)
Vanessa Feltz walked out of a date. (Channel 4)

Celebs Go Dating fans were left stunned as Vanessa Feltz walked out of a date after deciding there wasn’t “a spark”.

The This Morning regular, 61, is looking for love on the show after splitting from long-term partner Ben Ofoedu.

The latest instalment saw her dining with a man named Richard, but she appeared to be bored, looking at her phone, and giving brief answers to his questions.

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After Richard asked the TV star what sort of man she was looking for and whether he fitted the criteria, she announced that she was off, strolling out before dessert and leaving her date asking show bosses: “Can I finish eating?”

Feltz admitted in a post-date interview that there hadn’t been a connection.

And she confessed that she had “glazed over” and had been thinking about when she could get to bed.

Some fans were unimpressed by the way the TV star handled it.

One tweeted that it was “shocking”, and another agreed: “Blimey! That was proper muggy of Vanessa Feltz there.”

“The date was that bad, Vanessa even left the chips cooked 3 ways,” said another.

One fan posted: “At least stay and finish the food Vanessa! Super rude to just get up and leave like that.”

“He may not have been the man for her but it was nasty to leave halfway through the meal,” said another.

“Give him a chance Vanessa,” urged someone else.

Vanessa Feltz is looking for love on Celebs Go Dating. (ITV screengrab)
Vanessa Feltz is looking for love on Celebs Go Dating. (ITV screengrab)

However, other people were tickled by the scenes.

“I love Vanessa!” one person tweeted.

Feltz split from Ofoedu, who she'd been with since 2005, earlier this year and he later confessed that he’d had an affair eight years earlier.

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She recently shared that she decided to do Celebs Go Dating because she was a “rotten picker” herself.

“Listen I have been, I think it's all public record, a rotten picker, I haven't been good at picking, I really haven't,” she said on This Morning.

"I just thought the agents… must be able to do better than I've done. I mean they couldn’t do worse, let's face it."

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