The celebrity friend banned from Meghan and Harry’s wedding

Bianca Soldani
Acting Lifestyle Editor

The likes of Oprah, Serena Williams and George and Amal Clooney were among the well-heeled guests who scored front row seats at Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding.

But there was one famous friend who was noticeably left off the list, and now we think we know why.

Millie Mackintosh is a mutual friend of both Harry and Meghan, and at one point was even suspected of being the one who set them up.

However, when May 19 rolled around, the Made in Chelsea star didn’t frock up and hit the grounds of Windsor Castle, and instead watched the whole thing unfold from the comfort of her living room.

So why wasn’t she invited?

Well, according to one source, she couldn’t be trusted to keep her gob shut.

Here Millie and Meghan are seen enjoying a day out together in a snap from the duchess’ now deleted social account. Photo: Instagram/Meghan Markle

“Harry warned Meghan off Millie,” an insider told the Mail on Sunday.

“He seemed to believe she was a blabbermouth and better off out of the loop.

“Harry doesn’t often tell Meghan what to do, but he put his foot down.”

Millie posted this photo of her dog watching the royal wedding with her on the TV. Photo: Instagram/Millie Mackintosh

As everyone in the royals’ inner circle knows, strict confidentiality is expected when things get loose. Drunken photos are something they want to avoid at all costs, so phones are usually left at the door.

One person who didn’t quite get the memo at the wedding was Meghan’s close friend Jessica Mahoney, who shared a short video of herself arriving at the reception.

But she was very much an exception, and apart from that tiny glimpse into the festivities, the rest remained private.

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