Celebrity chef Pete Evans activates his almonds

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Chef Pete Evans can add 'activated almond ambassador' alongside his Weight Watchers duties after his daily food diary, published in a Sunday magazine column, went viral yesterday.

Evans probably didn't expect his 'My Day on a Plate' contribution to 'Sunday Life' magazine yesterday would see him trending on Twitter by nightfall.

While we do love a superfood here at Y7 Lifestyle, Evans' food diary reads like a health food buzzword glossary.

Breakfast for the 'My Kitchen Rules' judge includes two glasses of alkalised water and apple cider vinegar, and a smoothie of more alkalised water, organic spirulina, activated almonds, maca, blueberries, stevia, coconut kefir, and two organic free-range eggs.

Throughout the rest of the day Evans dined on a range of foods including sprouted millet, kale, cultured vegetables, and emu meatballs.

It was his twice daily dose of activated almonds that fuelled a collective fit of giggles on Twitter last night that shows no sign of abating today.

Pete Evans' 'day on a plate', and one of the many memes it inspired
Pete Evans' 'day on a plate', and one of the many memes it inspired

Last night journalist Leigh Sales signed off Twitter with 'Time for bed: lights off, blinds down, almonds deactivated', and has been retweeted over 170 times. Both Pete Evans and #activatedalmonds were trending on Twitter this morning.

Today Evans responded to the social media frenzy on Facebook, declaring "ignorance is not bliss".

"All I know is that I'm well aware of the consequences of eating 'dead' food, and also I'm a father, and I take that privilege very seriously, so for me striving for optimum health whenever I can so that I can be a responsible role model for my daughters, and still be able to surf right up until the end, is the obvious choice for me."

If you're wondering, activated nuts are soaked in water to force germination. The theory goes that the sprouted nut activates its digestive enzymes, making it easier to digest and better for you.

Evans has published six cookbooks, including 'Pizza' (2012), 'My Kitchen' (2011), and 'My Pantry' (2010). New Pete Evans fans eagerly await 'My Activated Almonds' in 2013.

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