Here Is Every Celeb Cameo In "The Bear" Season 3

The Bear's third season is finally here. After nearly a year of anticipation, we finally get to see how the newly launched fine dining establishment is functioning.

From left to right: Jeremy Allen White in a light-colored suit, Ebon Moss-Bachrach in casual suit and shirt, and Ayo Edebiri in a floral strapless dress
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Syd and Carmy's working relationship strains under pressure, while we witness Marcus work his way through the grief of losing his mother. Meanwhile, Richie is coming to terms with the fact that his ex-wife is getting remarried (and is also being urged to attend the wedding). We also get to see more about Tina's backstory in an incredible episode directed by Ayo Edebiri.

Marcus returns to the kitchen

And some of our favorites got more screentime.

Fak doesn't know what to do with his hands.

However, a high point in the series comes when Natalie "Sugar" Berzatto finally gives birth. She is in labor in the middle of traffic and attempts to contact her husband and everyone in her restaurant with little luck. Naturally, she has to fall back on her last resort. And who else could it be?

Sugar just needs a bit of music and dim lights.

Mama Berzatto, played by Jamie Lee Curtis.

DeeDee in "Ice Chips" with Sugar.

The Bear season 3 outdid itself with celebrity cameos in support of their already stellar cast. Some of them are Hollywood stars, while others are renowned chefs. Below is a list of all the celebrities who appeared in Season 3.

Josh Hartnett as Frank.

Frank apologizes to an unimpressed Richie

John Mulaney returns as Stevie.

John Mulaney stands in front of a backdrop that reads "John Mulaney presents Everybody in L.A." and a colorful map of Los Angeles. He is wearing a pink suit

The brief cameo sees Stevie letting Carmy crash at his place.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images for Netflix

Jon Bernthal returns as Mikey Berazatto.

Jon Bernthal in the season finale.

Robert Townsend returns as Syd's father.

A man in a flat cap and patterned shirt sits indoors at a table in a dimly lit setting, speaking

John Cena as Sammy Fak.

A new Fak emerges.

Gillian Jacobs returns as Tiffany Jerimovich.

Co-parenting at the park.

Joel McHale as Chef David Fields.

Carmy finally confronts Chef David.

Keith Kupferer as Dr. Levin.

Keith Kupferer's shocking appearance in the Bear.

Malcolm Livingston II, the former pastry chef at Noma, appears as himself.

Malcolm Livingston II recounts early culinary memories.

Jamie Lee Curtis returns as the matriarch of the Berzatto family, Donna Berzatto.

She's baaaaaack.

Sarah Ramos returns to the show as Jessica.

Jessica at the final supper at Ever.

Genie Kwon as herself. Kwon also was consulted for the show.

Genie Kwon

Molly Gordon portrays Claire.

The Fak brothers attempting to reunite Claire and Carmy.

Will Poulter reprises his role as Luca.

A close-up of a man with short hair looking contemplative. No additional information on identity is available

Olivia Colman is back as Chef Terry.

Olivia Colman in a kitchen, looking down at her raised arm, with another person out of focus in the foreground

Chef Thomas Keller as Chef Thomas.

Thomas Keller and Carmy, in a deep kitchen discussion.

Adam Shapiro as Chef Adam.

Syd is feeling the pressure as Shapiro presses her on a job offer.

Grant Achaz as himself.

Two unidentified men in formal attire have a discussion while holding wine glasses. There is a striped backdrop behind them

David Zayas as David, Tina's husband. Fun fact: he's the real-life husband of Liza Colón-Zayas, who plays Tina.

David at a kitchen table with Tina before she started working at The Beef.

Will Guidara as himself.

A man is seen in a candid moment, looking to his left, wearing a dark blazer and a black shirt. Background shows blurred people and vertical lines. Names unknown

Chef and restauranteur Daniel Boulud as himself.

Daniel Boulud plays one of Carmy's mentors.
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Anna Posey, pastry chef at Elske, joins Genie Kwon and many others at the table.

Anna Posey joins the Ever funeral.

Kevin Boehm and Wylie Dufresne as themselves.

Carmy speaks to Kevin Boehm and Wylie Defresne

Dave Beran as himself. He also helped with training Will Poulter and Jeremy Allen White.

Beran rolls up to the red carpet.
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Rosio Sanchez of Noma, Sanchez, and Hija de Sanchez also stars as herself in the season finale.

Rosio Sanchez at the dinner table at Ever's closing night.

Director and writer Brian Koppelman takes on a rare television role as Computer.

Sugar shuts down Computer's attempt to fire Marcus.

Chris Zucherro returns as Chi-Chi. Zucherro is, in fact, the owner of the legendary Mr. Beef and a good friend of Christopher Storer.

Chi-Chi previously appeared in season 1.

Christina Tosi, Chef and Owner of Milk Bar, is another celebrity chef cameo in the season finale.

Christina Tosi speaks to Syd and other chefs at Ever.

Paulie James, owner of Uncle Paulie's Deli, as Chuckie.

Paulie James in the kitchen.

René Redzepi as himself. He appears in the season premiere.

René Redzepi also shows up as one of Carmy's mentors.
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