Cat gently tries to pat sleeping baby in sweet video

Emerald Pellot
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Cats and babies can get along famously given the right conditions. Needless to say, the friendship can be quite adorable.

At least that’s what Sano, or sano_sano_sano on Twitter, found out when visiting a friend. Sano was there to record the moment his friend’s newborn met the family cat.

“The video of when my friend’s cat and baby met for the first time was so cute,” Sano tweeted. “When a friend looked away a bit from housework, the cat was taking care of him instead. From then on, these two seem to be close friends.”

In the very sweet clip, a fluffy orange cat approaches the sleeping infant. The cat appears to be gently assessing the baby as it ever so delicately reaches one paw out to carefully touch the child’s face. The cat doesn’t make a single noise. It’s almost as though the feline knows how fragile the newborn is and wants to be close to it without disturbing the little one’s slumber.

The video received 1.4 million views on Twitter. It’s just so pure!

“This is so cute,” one user wrote.

“If all human beings were like this, it would be a peaceful world where no one would be sad,” another said.

“That cat is really kind! Cute!” one person added.

While most cats will get along fine with the new baby, cats who fear change may need a little help. As a precaution, during the pregnancy be sure to play your cat baby noises to acclimate it. Once the baby is born, before making the introduction, provide the cat with an item used by the newborn so that the kitty can smell it.

Check out more tips on how to get your cat and baby coexisting harmoniously together from the ASPCA.

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