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Amy Stevenson

Casey Donovan has shed a staggering 17kg since entering the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! jungle nearly six weeks ago.

Living off a measly 800 calories a day on a diet of beans and rice, the former Australian Idol winner now weighs 132kg after entering the South African camp at 149kg.

Casey has lost 17kg while in the jungle. Source: Channel 10
Casey weighed 149kg before going into the jungle. Source: Channel 10

"I don’t like to stand on scales," Casey said before her jungle weigh-in.

"I kind of just go by clothes and if I go by clothes, yeah there has been some weight loss."

Admitting she was "happy" with her weight loss, the singer revealed she's never been confident with her body and that's why she prefers not to weigh herself.

The singer wasn't thrilled by the set of scales in front of her. Source: Channel 10
Casey has previously spoken about her battle with her weight while in the jungle. Source: Channel 10
Dane lost 14kg. Source: Channel 10
Meanwhile Steve is down 10kg. Source: Channel 10

Of course Casey wasn't the only camper to show results from the basic jungle diet, with former AFL star Dane Swan losing 14kg from his original 101kg weigh in.

"I'm fading away," the retired player said after standing on the scales.

Meanwhile fellow campmates Lisa Curry and Nazeem Hussain lost 9kgs, while Natalie Bassingthwaighte weighed in 6kg lighter.

Steve Price dropped 10kg, with Ash Pollard and Carson Kressley shedding 4kg as well.

And it's not just the current campers who have lost weight either with Tegan Martin also losing 4kg before her elimination on Sunday night.

The beauty queen told Kyle and Jackie O on Monday morning that she had been over-indulging in food since her eviction.

"I'm high on sugar right now!" She told the KIISFM duo.

"I've got a plate of french fries, Pringles, chocolate, I've just scarfed down some beef, everything at the moment."

Meanwhile Kris Smith lost 7kg before he was evicted last week, while Tziporah Malkah also lost an impressive 14kg after going into the jungle at 118kg.

Kris Smith lost 7kg while in the jungle. Source: Instagram/Channel 10
Ash has lost 4kg. Source: Channel 10
Carson entered the jungle two weeks ago and has lost 4kg as well. Source: Channel 10
Nat has lost 4kg. Source: Channel 10

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Big weight loss results aren't something new for the celebs who brave the less-than-luxurious conditions on the reality show, with Chrissie Swan revealed she had lost 15kg after her stint on the show in 2015.

In the early stages of the 2016 series, Chrissie jokingly tweeted that producers were getting their money's worth for a harness used during the challenges.

"Bet the producers never thought they'd get a second use of that size 24 harness. GO CASEY!" She wrote.

However Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Fiona Tuck told Be while the low-calorie diet the contestants are forced to endure may show significant weight loss, it's not sustainable.

"An 800 calorie diet is low and not something that is sustainable long term. Weight-loss, tiredness, low mood, difficulty in concentrating and irritability could result from a drastic calorie reduction," Fiona said.

"If they are not moving much during the day, the calorie intake would not need to be as high so short term this should not cause long-term adverse health problems."

Former swimmer Lisa Curry has lost 9kg. Source: Channel 10
Nazeem has shed 9kg. Source: Channel 10
Tegan left the jungle 4kg lighter. Source: Channel 10
Tziporah lost 14kg while in the camp. Source: Channel 10

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