Carrie Underwood Reveals How She's Coping After a Fire Broke Out at Her Tennessee Home

Carrie Underwood Reveals How She's Coping After a Fire Broke Out at Her Tennessee Home

On Father's Day, Carrie Underwood and her family experienced a major scare when a fire broke out on their 400-acre Tennessee property.

Carrie along with her husband Mike Fisher and their two children Isaiah, 9, and Jacob, 5, were home when the incident occurred on Sunday night. Williamson Country Fire and Rescue received a call at 9:42 pm on June 16 regarding the fire, according to a statement released by the department.

Fortunately, Carrie and her family were unharmed in the fire. Her pets also survived the incident unscathed. "All occupants in the home were able to escape unharmed," authorities said. "No injuries were sustained by the occupants or firefighters on scene." Carrie's property houses a 10,000 gallon reservoir, which "quickly extinguished" the fire. More than 18 fire department units reported to the property to extinguish the fire, a spokesperson said.

The fire was contained to a garage on the property. According to E! News, a member of Carrie's family revealed that a utility task vehicle (UTV) caused the fire.

The following day, Carrie took to Instagram to reveal how she was coping with the tragedy. "Life is stressful sometimes. Take a break and watch a sheep eat," she wrote on her Instagram story.

carrie underwood post fire
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We're glad all of Carrie's sheep were unharmed, and they served a a source of comfort for the "Before He Cheats" singer after a scary night. Just shy of a week later Carrie performed a show in Canandaigua, NY on June 21. In July, Carrie is heading to Chicago and Hawaii for three more concerts. Thankfully, the terrifying incident left the singer her family and their home unscathed.

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