Carrie Bickmore's awkward exchange with Tom Gleeson on The Project

Olivia Morris
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When it comes to live television, you never know what’s going to happen.

Carrie Bickmore was left a little flustered by Tom Gleeson on The Project on Thursday night after he refused to leave the desk.

The ABC presenter appeared on the show, campaigning why Grant Denyer was deserving of this year’s Gold Logie award – after taking aim at the Family Feud host on this week’s Hard Chat.

Tom Gleeson just refused to leave The Project desk at the end of his segment on Thursday night. Source: Ten

But when it was time for Tom’s segment to come to a close and for another guest to join the desk, he refused.

“Well, all the best with the campaign,” Carrie said to usher Tom off the show. “Thank you to Tom Gleeson for coming and talking about the big issues.

“We’ve got to get you to exit, so we can get our next special guest in.”

Awkwardly, Tom remained at his place on the desk like a statue with his thumbs up in the air.

As guest co-host Hugh Riminton was trying to introduce the next guest, Carrie snapped at Tom.

Carrie had to snap at Tom to leave. “You really need to go mate,” she said. Source: Ten

“You really need to go mate,” she said.

“No, no. I’m staying,” Tom said, in the same position.

Carrie seemed to be a bit flustered for a moment before telling producers to “roll tape”, introducing the next guests.

Carrie did not seem impressed. Source: Ten

But, much to The Project panelists’ delight, Tom was still there after the package, gatecrashing rock band The Rubens’ interview in an attempt to continue to talk about Grant Denyer and the Logies.

Tom ended up staying on the desk for the remainder of the segment, before he had to leave because everyone else was – it was the end of the show.

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