Cardio Workout Challenge with Laura Henshaw: HIIT and Blitz circuit

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Welcome to the final instalment of Yahoo Lifestyle's exclusive 4-week Cardio Workout Challenge with Keep It Cleaners Laura Henshaw. If you're stuck at home and struggling to get your body moving this winter, we've got you covered.

laura henshaw
We're at week 4 of Laura's Cardio Workout Challenge. Photo: Yahoo

Laura Henshaw brings you her final cardio blast with this 20-minute HIIT and Blitz circuit-style workout.

There are four rounds of exercises. You're going to work for 15 seconds on, with 15 seconds rest, and repeat each exercise 10 times before moving on to the next round.

Cardio workout challenge Week 4: HIIT and Blitz circuit

Round 1

Walking Burpees - challenge yourself, you've got this!

Alternating Step ups - Lean your chest forward slightly, press your heel down and squeeze your glute at the top, alternating legs.

Round 2

Squat Jumps - Soft landing, bring your hips into full extension and squeeze your glutes at the top!

Alternating Reverse Lunges - Big step back, keep the weight through the front heel, chest slightly leaning forward, pelvis tucked back, finish with glute squeezed when you step back up

Round 3

Push Up Mountain Climbers - Brace your abs and your glutes. Rip your knees up towards your chest, keeping your hips nice and steady.

High Knees - Brace your core, keep your chest up and stay light on your toes.

Round 4

Plank Punches - Feet wider than shoulder width for balance, keep your hips steady when punching forward.

Push ups - Hands just outside of shoulder width, elbows at 45 degrees, brace abs and glutes, extend all of the way up at the top.

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