Cardio Workout Challenge with Laura Henshaw: 20-minute boxing

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Welcome to Yahoo Lifestyle's exclusive 4-week Cardio Workout Challenge with Keep It Cleaners Laura Henshaw. If you're stuck at home and struggling to get your body moving this winter, we've got you covered, with a new cardio-themed workout session that will get your heart pumping each week.

Laura's Cardio Workout Challenge
Welcome to Week 2 of Laura's Cardio Workout Challenge. Photo: Yahoo

One of Laura's favourite types of Cardio workouts is boxing, and this KIC Fighter workout includes some key boxing moves to keep your heart rate up.

In this 20-minute workout, you can expect to sweat it out doing 45 seconds of each exercise with a 15 second break. Complete two laps of the 10 exercises below.

Cardio workout challenge Week 2: Full Body boxing


High knees - Brace your core, keep your chest up and stay light on your toes

Plank - Push up through your shoulder blades, engage your core and keep your hips level

Squat Jumps - Land softly, bring your hips into full extension and squeeze your glutes at the top!

V-Sit Hold - Pull your belly button in towards the spine, heels lifted or gently touching the ground if needed

Burpees - You know the drill, challenge yourself, you’ve got this!

Jab Cross Jab Cross - Stay light on your feet and rotate through the hips, always bringing your hands back to your starting position (in front of your face)

Jab Cross Hook - Stay light on your feet and rotate through the hips

Power Uppers - Slightly bent knees, don't drop your hands too low, rip up hard!

Jab Cross Upper Hook - Stay light on your feet and relax your shoulders

Cross Punches - punch forward with your arm thats opposite to leg that naturally stands in front

Stay tuned for a new workout from Laura on Monday next week.

If you missed Laura Henshaw's full body HIIT workout last week catch up here:

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