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This car handbag holder keeps my purse from spilling — and it's $12 for Black Friday

Now here's something I never imagined I'd need: A designated place to park my purse in the car. But now that I have experienced the many wonders of the Car Cache, I can't un-need it! I "installed" this clever mesh organizer (created by a woman, of course) in my Prius in under a minute, and it immediately proved its worth. Yes, it's a purse holder, which is a great help, but this multitasker does so much more. Stretched behind the console between the front seats, it blocks my giant puppy from jumping into the front, prevents restless kid feet from knocking into me when I drive and even keeps takeout food off the dirty floor. For Black Friday, it's a jaw-dropping 55% off at Amazon — it's a mere $12.

Keep everything you need safely at arm's length while you're behind the wheel. 

$12 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

Getting from point A to point B should be a hassle-free endeavor, but when you're dealing with pets, kids, food, purses and anything else you need to take with you, it can get chaotic — finding a gadget that can tame the chaos is priceless. We'd be willing to pay big bucks for a gizmo that provides peace of mind while driving, but at just $12, this problem solver is worth adding to cart.

Why do I need this?

Like many people, I want my little bag to be in a clean, convenient spot, but the passenger seat is rarely available. I'm a bit of a germaphobe, so the unsanitary floorboard is out of the question — and obviously, it is completely unsafe to have a purse near my feet while driving. With this sturdy, hammock-like holder, my purse stays clean, handy and secured. When my husband hogs all the cup holders on road trips, the Car Cache is there to hold my water bottle. And, if I'm feeling generous, I can let my daughter use it as a backseat organizer.

Plus, the setup is a cinch. Installing the Car Cache took less than a minute and was intuitive. Simply face it in the direction you like (I have it pocket-forward) and tie the lower straps inside the console between your front seats. Wrap the upper straps around the outermost headrest bars and hook them with the metal carabiners. Adjust the straps, if needed, and you're ready to roll.

I found a half dozen great ways to use this thingy on day one. Holding my purse, my H2O and soon-to-be-dinner takeout; blocking kid feet and animal snouts; keeping the backseat unlittered with my stuff. Let your particular needs guide you.

car cache
Get one of these for your ride and you'll never look back (in more ways than one).

What reviewers say

Little hacks like this truly can make our days better. Or at the very least make them less of a mess. Many of its nearly 7,500 five-star reviewers have called it "life-changing." Read on for accolades from fellow fans and for more on how this simple gadget works.

Some fans simply can't contain their enthusiasm: "How am I this excited? I got a new purse and was tired of my kids constantly dumping it out as it floated all over the car. Out of desperation, I ordered this. It was installed in seconds and I almost started crying with excitement and relief. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I was so happy for such a sleek and practical solution to a problem I’ve had for years. My purse stays right where I want it, cradled perfectly between the two seats. It doesn’t interfere at all with the passengers behind and it doesn’t interfere with the use of the storage compartment between the seats. It’s literally perfect in every direction. Sturdy. Nicely designed. I’m ordering more for ... gifts for the women in my life."

car cache, dog
Time to set some boundaries for pup ... or, now that we think of it, an in-the-doghouse hubby. Heh.

"So easy to install!" wrote a five-star reviewer. "It took under one minute to install, and it works great. I'm very happy with the simple design, and it solves the problem so my purse has a place and isn't falling on the floor anymore. All you do to install is close the front loop into the center console. It's adjustable too, so you can make sure it fits right. If you want an easy, convenient place to put your purse then get this."

No console? No problem! One fan who digs the "sleek design" and "will never drive without it!" explained the fix: "While my center console does not have a flip top, I figured out another way to use this product that was very easy. The strings on the bottom of the holder tie together like shoelaces around the center console, but instead of doing that, I ... tied it around the bottom portion of the [front] seatbelts."

Another grateful owner said: "It holds my power inverter that I plug my laptop into while charging for when I need to work in the car (parked, of course, but I'm a road warrior!). It's so simple yet durable and genius! Love it! Highly recommended."

This shopper did have to do some MacGuyvering to adjust to her needs: "The only downside is the cord that ties around your middle console is hard to get tied in a knot without help so we replaced it with some zip ties we linked together to the length we needed. They should have made this with Velcro like I’ve seen in others. Otherwise, it’s perfect!"

Stash all your essentials in an easy-to-reach pouch that stays in place and upright while you're on the road. 

$12 at Amazon

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