Car barrels through fence onto train tracks

Car on tracks at Auburn. Picture Nine.JPG
A car has been removed from a Sydney train line after it crashed trough fencing onto the tracks. Picture: Nine​

A car has broken through a fence and barrelled onto the tracks of a Sydney train station.

The car reportedly crashed through a carpark fence on Park Rd and landed on the westbound track near Auburn train station about 9.20am on Wednesday.

Wild photos show the blue car tilted at an angle after crashing through a fence, tree scrub, and a second barrier before nosing the edge of the train tracks.

Car on tracks at Auburn. Picture Nine.JPG
The car crashed into a fence and nosed down towards the tracks. Picture: Nine
Car on tracks at Auburn. Picture Nine.JPG
Commuters faced up to 20-minute delays. Picture: Nine

The male driver and sole occupant of the vehicle suffered minor injuries.

Commuters travelling on the Inner west & Leppington Line faced delays of up to 20 minutes as crews worked to remove the car.

“Stops and platforms may change at short notice,” a tweet from Sydney Trains at about 9.45am said.

Service delays remained until just after 1pm once the car was removed from the scene.