Capricorn Daily Horoscope – October 21 2019


Your daily forecast…

Wherever you have Saturn in your chart, there is good news today, thanks to a luscious link from the planet Venus, the planet of abundance.

What this means for you…

Saturn is hanging out in your image zone, so there are lessons to be learned about how you present yourself now. It’s also likely that this is not your most sociable period ever – you are probably quite at home with the idea of keeping to yourself. You don’t have to be a hermit, but you might find that a little introspection goes a long way.

As Saturn goes through your solar 1st house, fear will become a problem only if you let it. Why are you afraid of being hurt? Think about it. In the past, what has hurt you? Could you have avoided any of those hurts by either keeping your eyes wide open or at least turning your gaze inwards on yourself. If you can come to the realisation that you really have nothing to fear except fear itself, as the saying goes, you will be maximizing the lessons Saturn is offering you now.

You also have a chance to make people take you more seriously now. But do be careful that this cycle doesn’t leave you acting at all dour or stern. Just because people are now seeing you as more ‘grown up’ doesn’t mean you can’t be as charming as you like. If you do use this cycle to think about how you’re coming across and how that is or isn’t helping you achieve your aims, you will emerge far more self-assertive and self-assured. If you make a concerted effort to come across as responsible and self-controlled during this cycle, you will go far. Taking a more realistic approach to life doesn’t have to be dull, but it can produce substantial benefits.

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