Capricorn Daily Horoscope – October 09 2019

Are you ready to be Mercury retrograded?…

We are now in the countdown to the start of the new Mercury Retrograde shadow phase. So to celebrate my new Mercury Retrograde book, here’s a short video about why you should definitely EMBRACE Mercury retrograde AT LEAST as much as you worry about it! It’s here.

Your Daily Forecast

With Venus now in your luckiest sector of your solar horoscope until early November, there is plenty of support, friendship and collaboration available to you now. It’s been a heavy year for you so far, so Venus’ visit is set to boost your spirits. Spending time connecting with your closest confidants can help you feel supported and simply make you feel good. If hard work is hard to avoid now, make the most of any social interactions with industry peers or professional allies. They may pave the way for an extra- lucky cycle starting in December.

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