Capricorn Daily Horoscope – November 22 2019

Today, I picked you a card for your forecast … ask a question … and here is your answer!

Hold your vision

The message

There are two main possibilities with this card. The first is that something is stuck. That could well be the situation you’re enquiring about. If that’s the case, have a think now about what you can do to grease the wheels so that events move forward. Are you being stubborn? If so that’s great! Because if you really want things to change, there is a solution; stop digging your heels in! Be the one to break a deadlock. The second – very different – interpretation of what this card could mean is that in fact, you need to stand firm in whatever situation you’re in. It’s up to you to decide what is going on here and which meaning applies to you. This offers up a chance for some self-reflection. Who is the bottleneck in your life?

Affirmation for this card

“Yes…” Just say the word a lot and see how it feels.

Additional meanings for this card

· Staying power is needed
· A personal or professional relationship will be enduring
· Someone needs to back down
· Patience is called for

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