Capricorn Daily Horoscope – May 3 2020

Yasmin Boland
·2-min read

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Full Moon in Scorpio Let go of self‑criticism.

London 7 May 11:45
Sydney 7 May 20:45
Los Angeles 7 May 03:45
New York 7 May 06:45

The key this Full Moon week is communication.

That’s because by far the most active planet is Mercury, also known as the planet of communications. Scorpio is the sign with the sting in its tail, so take time this week to think about whether you’ve been a little too stinging in your communications with someone. Scorpio is also the sign that holds a grudge.

Add that to the intense Mercury action this week and it could be time for you to release (Full Moon) a grudge (Scorpio).

Every Full Moon offers the chance to forgive

Every Full Moon offers the chance to forgive, move on and detox your emotions, but if you’ve fallen out with someone and want to make up, the scene is truly set with this week’s Full Moon in Scorpio.

Scorpio Moons can be super intense, but this year the Full Moon is harmonizing with Neptune which should soften the edges a little and provide a more mystical quality. So be sure to tap in and take advantage!

Release Anger on Your Path to Inner Peace

Most of us have at least one person in our life who we’re upset with. It could be someone who gave us a hard time at school, at work, last week, last year or a decade ago.

Releasing anger

This particular Scorpio Full Moon has all the elements needed to work on releasing this anger that, in the end, only holds us back. Follow this simple exercise to make it happen:
1. Think about who you need to forgive.
2. Write down in detail what happened and why you were upset. This might seem like focusing on the negative, but often, once you start writing, you realize that it doesn’t matter to you as much as it once did.
3. Once you’ve finished writing, burn the sheet of paper.
4. Visit YouTube and listen to the wonderful meditation ‘Ganesh Maha Mantra to Remove All Obstacles’, which will help to clear your path to inner peace.

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