Capricorn Daily Horoscope – December 21 2020

Yasmin Boland
·1-min read

And it’s ANOTHER very big day astrologically-speaking

As you might know, today we have what’s known as The Great Conjunction — it’s the meeting between Jupiter and Saturn which happens about once every 20 years. However it hasn’t happened in Aquarius since 1405 and they haven’t been exactly this close for 800 years!

Today’s forecast is all about what it means for you.

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What does The Great Conjunction mean for you?

The Great Conjunction is happening in your 2nd House

Expect challenges and rewards when it comes to cash, property and possessions.

2021 will be a good year to take chances and seize opportunities. Jupiter will grant you good luck, even a windfall, as long as you appease Saturn, keep your head and maintain self-discipline. You will reap what you sow, so make sure you put in the spadework.

Value isn’t just about money, however, it’s about how you value yourself too. Your self-esteem will take a knock this year. Have faith in yourself as the same fun, attractive person you always were and you’ll emerge stronger than ever.

Want more info?

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