Capricorn Daily Horoscope – 22 July 2021

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The spotlight is shifting today…

The Sun is changing signs – you can think of the Sun as a big celestial spotlight that highlights one sector of your astrology chart and life as it moves through all the 12 signs of the zodiac over the course of a year. Remember to read your Rising Sign if you know it, for a more accurate reading. If you don’t know it but you’d like to find it out for free, you can do so

Where the spotlight will be for you now…

As the Sun enters your eighth house, you can expect to feel a whole lot more in touch with your inner self over the next four weeks. It’s a great time to reflect on your path. Look at where you are going and what led you to this point. What aspect of your inner self has led you to where you are now? If you are confused about any piece of your path, this is the time to stop and think. The time may come soon to change directions if you wish. This is also a time to have a look at your finances, what you owe and what you are saving. Pay off as many debts as you can at this time. You’ll be very glad that you did in six months’ time as the Sun moves into your other money box.

Want a free astrology reading with a real life astrologer?

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Who do you need to forgive?

As we move towards the Full Moon, it’s time to feeling all our feelings and FORIGVE. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean what they did was ok, it means you’re reading to let go and move on. So who do you need to forgive? Want some help with this? Just me for a free Full Moon ceremony – just register here.

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