We Can't Tell If Kraft Singles' Just Add Burger Campaign Is Brilliant Or Boring

Kraft Singles and cheeseburger
Kraft Singles and cheeseburger - Kraft Singles

If you're in the market for a free burger, Kraft has got you covered -- maybe. According to a company press release sent to Mashed: On the list of favorite dishes in the U.S., hamburgers are number 34. And yet, cheeseburgers managed to rank much higher at number two. It seems that Kraft took this bit of trivia and ran with it, building an entire campaign on the notion that just one slice of Kraft Singles American cheese can make a hamburger much, much better.

While the campaign may be a bit on the silly side, there could be a free burger in it for you if you play your cards right. The rules are fairly simple: From September 13 through 15, post a photo of Kraft Singles on Instagram then add the hashtags #JustAddBurger and #Sweepstakes. Be sure to also tag @‌Kraft.Singles in the post. National Cheeseburger Day falls on September 18, and a few lucky winners who post photos on Instagram will earn a promo code from Uber Eats. The promo code can only be used to redeem a single plain hamburger -- ya' know, to put your Kraft Singles on.

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The Campaign Is Clever, But There's No Guarantee You'll Win

Kraft Singles on white background
Kraft Singles on white background - Keith Homan/Shutterstock

It's clear that Kraft wants to use the promise of a free burger to stir up a bit of social media buzz. And we don't blame the brand: Just look at what the viral McDonald's Grimace Shake trend was able to accomplish for a simple milkshake. Still, the notion that you may or may not win a single plain burger from Uber Eats in a week may not be enough to get folks posting slices of American cheese to their Instagram grids. Is it wise to get hungry Kraft customers to do free advertising for your brand without actually promising anything in return? Absolutely. Will it really result in us seeing Kraft Singles all over our Instagram explore pages? Only time will tell, but on Kraft's part, it's certainly worth a shot. The company will only be out a few plain burgers in the end, either way.

Kraft's press release also includes a reminder that Kraft Singles are the ultimate cheese for melting on a burger. Of course, the company is marketing its own product, but American cheese is, in fact, known for how incredibly melty it can get. So, if all of this cheeseburger talk has put you in the mood for one, you may just want to whip up a few for dinner tonight -- it'll probably be quicker than waiting for an Uber Eats order anyway.

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