Cannes hosts red carpet rally, Coppola’s comeback and a meeting with Pol Pot

Hollywood legend Francis Ford Coppola brought his decades-in-the-making “Megalopolis” to the Cannes Film Festival and Cambodia’s Rithy Panh delivered another sobering chronicle of the Khmer Rouge genocide on a day that saw dozens of women join France’s #MeToo icon Judith Godrèche on the red carpet to denounce sexual violence and impunity.

After two days of rain showers and soggy screenings, the sunshine finally returned to the French Riviera on Thursday morning – just in time for a red-carpet tribute to the women who have placed this year’s festival firmly under the sign of #MeToo.

The tribute naturally featured Judith Godrèche, the French actor and director at the heart of France’s belated reckoning with rampant sex abuse in the film industry.

She was joined on the red carpet by dozens of women who took part in her short film “Moi Aussi” ("Me Too" in French), a choral work aimed at encouraging victims of abuse to speak out about their personal trauma. Together, they posed for a group photo on the steps leading up to the Palais des Festivals, with hands covering their mouths.

Clare, one of the women accompanying Godrèche, spoke of drawing strength and solace from the experience.

“We’re united because we’ve all been victims of abuse,” she said. “We’re no longer hiding. We’re like the film stars. We walk the red carpet now.”

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