Canned or Homemade Cranberry Sauce? Ocean Spray's Survey Shows People Are Passionate About Their Preference

According to most respondents, there is only one right answer.

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One of the most hotly contested subjects surrounding Thanksgiving dinner is whether canned or homemade cranberry sauce is the better option for the table. And if you’ve ever posed the question to your dinner guests, chances are they have very strong opinions. Ocean Spray commissioned a survey to find out which gets served up more during the holiday, and divided participants into Team Homemade and Team Canned.

Here’s a look at some of their findings:

  • Over half of Americans say cranberry sauce is a must-have for the holiday meal. And of those fans, 83 percent believe it’s not even Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce.

  • 21 percent of Team Homemade fans are willing to get a tattoo in honor of cranberry sauce, compared to 15 percent of Team Canned.

  • 46 percent say they are as passionate about cranberry sauce preparation as their favorite sports team.

  • 28 percent of cranberry fans consider it a “red flag” if someone doesn’t like their preference for cranberry sauce.

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According to Ocean Spray's inquiries to the dating site OkCupid, some even went so far as to list their preference in their dating profiles.

Still trying to decide what cranberry recipe to serve at Thanksgiving this year? There's no rule that says you can't have both.

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