Candice Warner breaks down live on-air after receiving text message

Candice Warner teared up after she was challenged to send a friend a text.

The wife of Aussie cricketer David Warner has broken down on radio after she received a text message from a friend.

Radio presenter Gus Worland was speaking on Triple M's Rush Hour about the importance of checking in once a week with loved ones, setting Candice Warner a challenge to text a friend she couldn't imagine living without.

He said to send a text that simply said: "I love you, I miss you, see you soon xo."

Candice Warner cries while speaking on radio.
Candice Warner broke down live on-air when discussing a text message from a friend. Source: Instagram

Candice then broke down as she revealed she received a text back from the friend she decided to send the message to.

"Well, I've just had a really beautiful message back that's actually brought me to tears," she said.

"Because sometimes we don't say these things enough to the people that we love, and we assume that they know it.

"But to actually verbalise it, say it, and for them to receive that, yeah, it's hard to do, but it just means so much."


Candice added she did not expect the response to "affect her like this" as she wiped tears from her eyes.

"You've changed someone's life just for that moment, and we shouldn't ever poo poo that or think that's not a big deal," Gus said.

"And secondly, we take way too many of the relationships that we really, truly love for granted, because we know those people love us. We know that we have a good relationship. You know that you can sort of, you know, not quite keep up and do all the right things by them."

Gus challenged Candice to send the message along with former rugby union player Wendell Sailor to help shed light on the private mental health issues friends could be battling.

"We [lose] seven men and two women every day to suicide and have 65 attempts a day ... which is one every few minutes," Gus said.

"You can see that the problem is massive, I think it's probably the most important conversation we can be having at the moment."

Mental health support for yourself or a loved one can be found by calling Lifeline on 13 11 14, Mensline on 1300 789 978, or the Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800. Online support is available via Beyond Blue.

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