Candice Alley joins the cast of Neighbours

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Candice Alley has recently joined the cast of one of TV’s longest-running soap operas, Neighbours.

For a ‘very happily single’ Candice, moving forward from a marriage break-up with her Olympic swimmer husband Grant Hackett to embark on this exciting new chapter has come at the perfect time.

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Candice Alley

Candice Alley

Candice admits she jumped at the chance to play a recurring role in Neighbours as a rather mysterious woman, Cecilia Saint.

‘I auditioned for it and got the call within a couple of days. I was absolutely thrilled. Everyone has been so welcoming,' she says.

‘I used to act when I was very young and I really wanted to get back into it. I love being on set and being able to delve into a character who’s also a single mother.'

The mother to six-year-old twins hopes we’ll be seeing a lot more of her on our screens.

‘Who knows what’s to come?’ she says with a smile.

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