Candace Cameron Bure Sparks Online Debate With Confession About Her Life at Home

Candace Cameron Bure appears to be having a bit of an identity crisis—and the internet is joining in to give their two cents.

During a recent Q&A session on her Instagram page, the Fuller House was asked if there are any introverts in her family—to which she answered by declaring that there are "no introverts" among her immediate relatives.

Candace, 48, has been married to husband Valeri Bure since 1996, and the couple share three children together: Natasha, 25, Lev, 24 and Maksim, 22.

In her initial Instagram Story answering the fan-submitted question, Candace said that while her daughter "might say she's [an introvert]," her family is full of "super strong personalities."

"The balance is taking a few hours each afternoon to recharge quietly because it's all in again by dinner!" Candace continued in her post—unknowingly sparking a major debate.

The polarizing convo was spearheaded by Candace's own daughter, who replied to her mom's post to say, "Mom yes we are! Introvert is where you get your energy from—it has nothing to do with personality!"

"I guess I stand corrected," Candace wrote in a follow-up post, sharing the message from her daughter. "That's why we recharge for a few hours each afternoon? Maybe I don't know the true definition?"

That's when several other online users debated Candace's evaluation of her personality type, prompting the former child actor to post on her story, "Ok-SOOO many mixed reactions and definitions on the introvert/extrovert convo."

One person agreed with Candace's original thoughts, stating in a message to the actress, "The dictionary says a person whose personality is characterized by introversion: a typically reserved or quiet person who tends to be introspective and enjoys spending time alone."

"I think you are right," that user told Candace.

Someone else said that Natasha was "💯 right."

But someone else perfectly summed up the issue by telling Candace, "There is a new 'vert' in town. My daughter and I are ambiverts," which means a person who shares a personality balance of both extrovert and introvert features.

That seemed to settle it for Candace, who posted in conclusion, "Ha!!! I think I'm that then 😂."

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