Canadian City Has a Bold Offer for Taylor Swift

A city in Canada has made an intriguing proposition to entice Taylor Swift to visit.

In a video shared on social media on Wednesday, June 12, local officials made their pitch for Swift Current, a city in Saskatchewan. As initially reported by Daily Hive, Everett Hindley, a politician who represents the city in the southern Canadian province’s Legislative Assembly, and Ryan Switzer, the city’s deputy mayor, used the video to explain why they felt that having the pop star return while on tour would benefit the area.

“We’d really like to see Taylor come back to Saskatchewan,” Hindley said. While he acknowledged that the “Cruel Summer” singer visited their province “some time ago,” the two politicians would “really like to have her come back.”

“And I think our city, the great city of Swift Current, could probably help with that and provide, maybe, a little bit of a carrot to help get Taylor back to Saskatchewan,” Hindley added.

Switzer was quick to agree. “Think of the economic benefit to the city of Swift Current of having tens of thousands of Swifties converging on here,” he said before explaining what the city’s “carrot” for Swift could be. “Maybe we could do, like, a temporary citywide rebrand: Welcome to Taylor Swift Current.”

“I like it,” Hindley said as he noted that the effort to bring the 14-time Grammy Award winner to Saskatchewan was “province-wide.”

In addition to “Taylor Swift Current,” the politicians suggested they could “for a day” rename their city to "Taylor Swift.” An Instagram caption included with their video also suggested “Swifty Current” or “a similar variation” on that name as additional temporary name change options, which would remain in effect “for the duration of her visit.”

“We believe this small act, in unison with the enthusiasm from other cities and towns, can create an unforgettable invitation for Taylor Swift,” Switzer said in a statement. “We want to remind her of the love and admiration she has in Saskatchewan and entice her to come back.”

Though the “Anti-Hero” songstress currently has concerts scheduled in Toronto and Vancouver late this year as part of her ongoing international Eras Tour, Saskatchewan was not on the list when Hindley and Switzer shared their video.

Despite their plea, it was unclear if it would be possible for another date to be added to the hit tour, as Swift herself told fans during a June 13 show in Liverpool that she is planning for it to end in December.

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