Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?

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Tourist hotspots in any city always attract a weird and wonderful bunch of street performers, but it wasn’t necessarily what this woman was doing that had people turning heads.

Ali – who’s known on Instagram as the ‘freckled yogi’ – set up her yoga mat by the water’s edge in Baltimore, USA, and started knocking out some pretty impressive moves in front of hordes of people.

However, what really stunned passers-by was her outfit, which from a distance, looked like your normal, run-of-the-mill exercise tights and crop top.

There's something unusual about this performer. Photo: Instagram
Would you have stopped and stared? Photo: Instagram

Have you already guessed what’s wrong with it?

It only takes a slightly closer inspection to realise that her gym gear isn’t gym gear at all, but actually cleverly applied body paint.

Ali is only actually wearing underwear and nipple pasties, the rest is all paint.

It’s the work of Instagram star ‘Jen the Body Painter’, who’s known for sending her models out into the world and seeing if the unsuspecting public notice that they’re actually naked.

Her outfit was completely painted on! Photo: Instagram

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