Can you spot Kim Kardashian's massive photoshop fail?

Bianca Soldani

A host of celebrities joined close to one million people protesting gun violence in schools at the March For Our Lives rally in Washington, USA, at the weekend.

Kim Kardashian was among them, but one of her Instagram posts about her attendance ended up being more talked about that her appearance at the rally itself, after fans spotted a massive photoshop fail.

The post is of Kim walking out of a carpark wearing a crop top, tights, and oversized jacket.

Can you see what's wrong here? Photo: Instagram/ KimKardashian

It seems like a perfectly normal image until you start to look a little closer – or further into the background, to be more accurate.

Fans noticed that in the far right corner was a very oddly shaped blob, with one person even saying, “Thought that was a spaceship in the back,” before comments were disabled on the post.

One glance at a similar frame taken by a paparazzo reveals it’s actually a car that’s been distorted, presumably by photoshop.

Here's a similar frame, can you spot the difference? Photo: Blackgrid

The sidewalk is also oddly curved in Kim’s photo and straight in the professional one.

One of the largest rallies ever to have taken place in the US capital, March For Our Lives was led by the high school students who lost friends in the recent Florida shooting.

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