Can you see what’s wrong with this makeup sponge?

Allison Yee

Beauty lovers are all about the new products. From the latest gadgets to must-try trending buy, there isn’t a lot makeup fanatics won’t get excited over.

But the beauty Twitterverse has gone into meltdown over a new Sephora sponge for a very different reason.

The makeup giant caused a serious stir when they released their new range of makeup sponges, with the Ocean Crush Sponge Set quickly going viral.

Can you see why there's such a fuss over these sponges? Photo:

Why, you ask? Take a little look for yourself.

What does this flesh-coloured sponge bring to mind?

For those who see a somewhat phallic product, the Twitterverse agrees with you.

For those who aren't fussed about the controversial shape of these sponges, the good news is they'll only set you back $15.

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